Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jake & Mikaleen Mellor

Jake just passed his Life and Health Insurance Licensing Exam!!! Whoohoo! He is on his way to being a full fledged financial planner/advisor person. November 21, 2009

This is Jake's birthday cake/pizza. 25 candles would've made his pizza very waxy. Jake came home only briefly with some Insphere Financial Services agents to celebrate his birthday before they headed off to other meetings. Mika was on the spot with the pizza and everything ready to celebrate.

Who are they, supermodels? They sure seem to get the whole posing for the camera thing down.

Some of the nursing students had things of interest dealing with their own oral hygiene. Nothing bad of course.

Mika always seems to be the instigator for so much mischief (she helps people have fun).

Mika, Nicole, and Dedra came to SUU and taught the Nursing class about oral hygiene care for their patients.

Bobbing for apples, watch out. We made a poor little baby boy cry by bobbing for apples. He really thought there was something wrong with us. He might have been right. Who does that?

Ain't no one ever had too much fun! Too Much Fun, What's that mean. ...........

Brian and Michelle dressed up like Moguls, but it didn't work. We knew who they really were (Harry and Ginnie). They even snogged to prove it.

Stan and Kristi got really creative and were a lot of fun to be around.

Mika had fun putting more make-up on Jake than she put on herself.

Mika got creative for our Halloween costumes. She is Mrs. Bubbles and Jake is Edward Scissorhands.

Mika had a special project where she had to design a method for oral hygiene for a disabled person who didn't have full motion of his hands.

Our first apartment was a studio, one-room everything (except for the bathroom). It was awesome. Busy mornings led to multi-tasking. In moving, we measured the place. We were living in 300 square feet including closet, counter, and bathroom space. We miss the old place and our landlords (our church callings too); however, we found a better deal elsewhere. Mika taught the 5-6 year olds in primary. Jake taught the Gospel Doctrine Class to a bunch of retired lawyers and doctors.

The Fayette Church Bell Tower rang on the day of our wedding! 25, July 2009.

Annual Training 2009

Military playtime! June 2009.

July 25, 2008 Jake & Mikaleen Mellor are sealed for time and all eternity!